SBA Consulting is a management consulting company rendering services to companies and non-profit organizations, looking for sustainable, up-to-date and comprehensive solutions.

SBA Consulting’s first and foremost objective is to provide timely and accurate service, which is in direct correlation with the founders’ norms and principles. Our aim is to provide a fact base to ensure effective decision-making at all management levels, and to assist companies in their next step forward. Our approach and methods are tailor-made to each client’s needs and expectations, as well as the market conditions and geographies which they compete in. We aim to ensure that any decision and action taken during our presence is then transfered into regular and effective implementation, creating an even stronger and sustainable execution.

SBA Consulting has been founded by Ful Baytok Kurt and Nur Baytok Coşkuner in 2015 in Istanbul to provide management consultancy services. Both of the founders have lived and studied in different countries, experiencing working with people from different cultures. They aim to share their experience and knowledge that they have acquired throughout the years, both as students and professionals in different geographies, sectors and companies, and transfer this know-how and experience in the development of local and global growth strategies.

SBA Consulting serves the market with approximately 30 expert consultants, all experienced in their own field of study and who are located in various parts of the world. SBA Consulting provides management consultancy, visual design solutions, market research, consultancy regarding the Turquality® Program, human resources and internal communication services.

Visual design solutions are provided in collaboration with our strategic partner Latveria Design. Latveria transfers their communication skills onto the luxury, fashion and design world, from labeling to communication campaigns, books, catalogues, movies, product graphics, textile design and patterns, POP and B2B materials, mascots, vision books, retail systems, packaging, fair booths, events, and many more that makes a brand.

SBA Consulting also conducts projects in strategic partnership with Werner International. Since 1939, Werner International has provided professional consulting services to over 5,000 organizations in more than 75 countries. Werner International is the undisputed leader of management consulting practices that specialize solely in the textile and fashion industries.