We provide tailor made services to our clients to ensure their sustainable growth.

Companies need to stay up to date both in technology and in management styles to be able to have a strong and sustainable presence in the market. It is for this reason that being attuned to the changes in the markets, following the latest trends, taking advantage from opportunities in international markets and adapting the company to new environments is highly important.

As SBA Consulting we provide consultancy services aiming to add value to your company, to increase your brand value and in any other area where you want to develop a new brand, or enter a new market; and more.



SBA Consulting provides effective Management Consultancy services you may need in the areas of Management Strategy Development and the preparation of a short-medium and long-term Strategic Plan, Brand Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Analysis and creation of an Internal Audit mechanism.

SBA Consulting is in strategic partnership with Werner International, which provides technical consultancy (feasibility, efficiency and productivity improvement, production optimization studies and technical training at all levels) and management consultancy in sales, marketing, distribution channels, human resources and information technologies to the textile, fashion and apparel industries worldwide.

  • Strategy Development & Strategic Planning
  • Brand management
  • Setting up internal audit mechanism
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Analysis

With our Strategic Partner Latveria, an Italian based Communication Agency, we provide visual design solutions. Latveria transfers their communication skills onto the luxury, fashion and design world, from labeling to communication campaigns, books, catalogues, movies, product graphics, textile design and patterns, POP and B2B materials, mascots, vision books, retail systems, packaging, fair booths, events, and many more that makes a brand. If the art of communications is a delicate balance of creativity, know-how, talent and taste, then Design is the force that defines space and composition, fonts, colors and words, layouts, perspectives and materials. It is through Design that communications acquire their appeal and voice.
Any project you may have in mind will be developed by world-class designers who insist on providing original, personalized concepts and never settle for half-baked or ready-made solutions.

  • Brand concept development
  • Concept development for fashion shows
  • Photo- and video-shooting, preparation of presentations
  •  Sales Kit / Catalogue preparation
  •  Fair booth design and construction
  • Point of sale design


The Turquality® Program is a brand development program backed by the Turkish government aiming to raise the international brand recognition of Turkish brands and to increase value added exports. One of the main aims of the Turquality® is to encourage companies to become more corporate to ensure sustainable success. SBA Consulting provides services to prepare medium and long term strategies, financial projections and a business plan, and to provide a basis to create the necessary corporate archives. SBA Consulting also provides assistance to prepare for the program, to support its clients in the audit process and to control the processes after admission to the Program.

  • Assistance for application to Turquality® Program
  • Assistance throughout the audit process
  • Process controls after the audit and the update of the strategic plan as necessary


SBA Consulting offers sector based, country / geography based, retail based Market Research services, as well as B2B interviews  in order to be attuned with the ever-changing global markets, to follow the latest trends and to take advantage of the different opportunities in different countries.

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  • May 2016 – United Kingdom Apparel Retail Report
  • December 2016 – Canada Apparel Retail Report

Sports is universal and sports marketing is one of the most powerful tools for brands in their globalization journey. That’s why SBA Consulting has partnered with CA Sports Marketing to link Turkish companies with world famous sports clubs of Spain, UK and France which are admired and supported globally.

Based in Barcelona, CA Sports Marketing is a one-stop agency specialized in sports marketing led by professionals with more than 12 years of experience.

CA team members have worked in the most outstanding clubs and brands such as FC Barcelona, Zurich and Banco Sabadell, leading their sponsorship, marketing and financial strategies.

CA Sports Marketing’s offers a wide range of services as listed below, however, because one size does not fit all, tailored services are offered to deliver value to our clients with the finest, most personal touch. CA’s portfolio of partners includes FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, AS Monaco, Arsenal FC and La Liga.

  • Sponsorship Mediation
  • Activation
  • PR and Events
  • Hospitality/VIP Experience
  • Representation
  • Tailored Influencer Campaigns