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12 Feb 2018

UK Tech Investment Conference

We attended the UK Tech Investment Conference today, organized by the Department of International Trade.

The overall concept of the conference was to explain how a Turkish company can set-up a new business or expand its existing business in the UK and what are the key steps to follow. The various speakers focused on subjects such as business plan preparation, visa applications, bank account setting and more. The speakers also mentioned the various grants and funds presented both by the UK and the Turkish governments.

The main points that all speakers and panelists shared was that the entrepreneurs should have a clear business plan ready to enter the market, to develop the business and even to draft an exit strategy.

The UK ranks 6th at ‘ease of doing business’ and 80% of start-ups are international companies in the UK. Therefore it is a promising market especially for IT start-up companies.

1 Feb 2018

Werner International Heimtex Impressions

The Werner International team was at Heimtex as always.  The fair was busy as usual, the show has appealed to around 70.000 visitors from 135 countries in January 2018, with 2,975 international exhibitors.

We have observed a growing trend towards bio and natural fibers, and a focus on sustainability, including the usage of recycled materials from second hand garments and PET bottles. The garment industry has been utilizing recycled PET bottles for polar fleece garments for many years. Now, we have observed that the home textile industry is also following this trend to make use of this technology to blend with the cotton fibers generated from second hand garments.