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28 May 2018

Sports Marketing – A powerful tool in globalization

Sports is universal and sports marketing is one of the most powerful tools for brands in their globalization journey. That’s why SBA Consulting has partnered with CA Sports Marketing to link Turkish companies with world famous sports clubs of Spain, UK and France which are admired and supported globally.

7 May 2018

Marina Yachting FW 18/19 Catalogue by Latveria Design

Our strategic partner Latveria Design has been collaborating with Marina Yachting for many years and once again carried out the photo shoot for its 2018-2019 Fall/Winter catalogue.

Marina Yachting blends technical functionality with timeless fashion elements and offers protective, light and elegant garments. The catalogue showcases the collection’s high quality and innovative aspects. We always share the same excitement and the anticipation before every photo shoot and Marina Yachting never fails to amaze with its iconic collections.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on our services before launching your next collection.

You may reach the Marina Yachting FW 18/19 Catalogue from the link below.

Marina Yachting FW 18/19 Catalogue