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21 Mar 2022

Werner International New Twist – Recycling of Second-hand Clothes

There are different methods of recycling and regenerating textiles from textile waste. This process is however strongly influenced by factors such as high prices, volumes and availability of virgin raw materials. For this reason, this line of work has not been fully integrated into the overall textile supply chain and it still has challenges for sustainable and economically feasible operations.

Processes such as trimming industrial and post-consumer waste, pulping cotton and linen, and producing non-woven materials have existed for centuries. Recently, there has been great interest in the growth of the reuse and recycling of textile waste, further developing the recycling processes, due to a greater awareness of the impacts of the current supply chain of fashion industry.

13 Mar 2022

Werner International New Twist – Second-hand Clothes Shops

The upcoming and trendy way of selling and buying second-hand items are through e-commerce sites. There are many rising companies around the world that are operating in this industry, positioning themselves either on the luxury or mass market segments.

An interesting example is, which is an online second-hand shopping site operating in the USA, with many well-known brands sold for up to 90% discounted rates. Authenticity and the shape of the product are checked and audited by the company, and special designers and stylists are curating the collections for the consumers to enjoy shopping fashionable items for great prices.