Sports Marketing – A powerful tool in globalization

28 May 2018

Sports Marketing – A powerful tool in globalization

Sports is universal and sports marketing is one of the most powerful tools for brands in their globalization journey. That’s why SBA Consulting has partnered with CA Sports Marketing to link Turkish companies with world famous sports clubs of Spain, UK and France which are admired and supported globally.

Based in Barcelona, CA Sports Marketing is a one-stop agency specialized in sports marketing led by professionals with more than 12 years of experience. CA team members have worked in the most outstanding clubs and brands such as FC Barcelona, Zurich and Banco Sabadell, leading their sponsorship, marketing and financial strategies.

CA Sports Marketing offers a wide range of services as listed below. However, because one size does not fit all, tailored services are offered to deliver value to our clients with the finest, most personal touch. CA’s portfolio of partners includes FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, AS Monaco, Arsenal FC and La Liga.

Sponsorship Mediation


PR and Events

Hospitality/VIP Experience


Tailored Influencer Campaigns


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